For The Family


If you would like one of my original paintings have a look at the collection below. Let me know if you would like one by using the contact page on this website it is my gift to you. The first one to ask for a painting will receive it. I will update the site as they are claimed to let others know.

Hover over the thumbnail to see details about each painting. I will give the painting to the the first person to ask for it. All paintings come with a professional quality frame made by myself. The dimensions shown for each image below is the size of the painting and does not include the frame. Add about 6-8 inches to the vertical and horizontal dimensions to get an idea of the full framed painting size.

The monochrome images are matted with archial 8-ply matt board and glass and framed with beautifully toned and finished virtical grained fir. The other paintings have neutral toned stained wood frames with inset linen liners that compliment the painting.

My plan is to hand deliver the paintings if you live near mom. Otherwise I will bring your painting to mom to hold for you.


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